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- Chartered Biologist
- Registered Environmental Biologist
- Registered Arboricultural Consultant
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Professional Services offered:
  • Arboriculture and Urban Forestry Consultancy
  • Tree Health Disorder Diagnosis and Management
  • Tree Hazard Assessment & Management
  • Tree Protection on Construction Site
  • Tree Assessment Report for Planning Permit
  • Expert Witness for tree-related litigation
  • Arboriculture Auditing
  • Arboriculture Education & Training
  • Editing Arboriculture articles and journals
  • Planting for Landcare projects
  • Tree Root Damage to Urban Infrastructure *
  • Tree Root Barriers Design & Installation *
  • Tree Amenity Value Assessment
  • Transplanting Large Mature Trees
  • Nursery Production & Management
  • Computer Tree Inventory
Dr Peter Yau
Dr Peter Yau
Managing Director of PSY Pty Ltd
* Dr Yau's research at The University of Melbourne with Dr R Misra and Dr R Sands into the damage to building foundations caused by clay soil shrinkage related to tree root absorption of soil water, together with his experience in managing this particular problem in the Melbourne City Council qualifies him as Australia's best informed scientist in this particular field. He has given seminar talks on this subject to the engineers and architects societies in 1998.

  • BSc(Hons)
  • MSc(Oxon)
  • PhD(Melb)
  • GradDipBusAdmin
  • CBiol
  • CBiol MSB (MIBiol*)
Dr Yau is registered as an approved arboricultural consultant with the Department of Planning of the Victorian State Government. He is also listed in the Register of Environmental Biologists of the Institute of Biology (Incorporated by Royal Charter) in the field of Arboriculture/Forestry.
* After the merger of the Institute of Biology and the British Federation of Biosciences in 2010, Dr Peter Yau is now a Member of the Society of Biology (MSB) of UK. The suffix letters to be used after his name are CBiol MSB to replace the old-styled MIBiol.  
Career Profile
Dr Peter Yau has provided consulting services to government bodies at federal, state and municipal government levels, universities and colleges, engineers, architects and planners, property developers, barristers and solicitors as well as private sector clients in Australia.
Dr Peter Yau has held the following senior/chief executive appointments in government and non-government (NGO) organisations prior to commencing private consulting practice:
  • Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Natural Resources Conservation League from 1995-2002
  • Manager of Parks & Gardens - City of Melbourne Victoria in 1994
  • Head of Urban Forestry - Arboriculturalist - City of Melbourne Parks & Gardens from 1976-1994
  • Arboricultural Adviser to Government House, Victoria, Office of The Governor, since 1998
  • Chairman of Arbor Week Australia Council from 1995-2001
  • Editorial Board Member of 'Arboricultural Journal' (UK)
  • Lecturer at The University of Melbourne and Northern Metropolitan TAFE College
  • Post-Graduate Research Supervisor and Examiner - The University of Melbourne Institute of Land & Food Resources (Faculty of Agriculture Forestry & Horticulture)
  • Arboriculture training in Victoria since 1978 and in Hong Kong (HK Urban Council and HK Agriculture Fisheries & Conservation Department) since 1994
  • Head of Forest Management Division of the Hong Kong Government Agriculture Fisheries & Conservation Department from 1972-1976
  • Assistant Secretary and Executive Officer of Parks & Recreation Division of the Hong Kong Urban Council from 1969-1970
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