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PSY Pty Ltd is an Australian based arboricultural consultancy firm established and managed by Dr Peter Yau, who has had over 30 years of professional urban forestry and revegetation greening experience in Australia, Hong Kong and more recently in China.
Dr Peter Yau was the first professional Arboriculturist appointed to the Parks & Gardens Division of the Council of City of Melbourne in 1976. He has lectured at Burnley College, The University of Melbourne, and has been supervisor and examiner for post-graduate research candidates in their research projects.
Dr Yau retired in 2002 as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Natural Resources Conservation League of Victoria.
Now in private practice, Dr Yau brings to his clients in the public and private sectors decades of high level experience and in-depth knowledge in dealing with local governments and state government agencies, tree planting, tree assessment in land and property developments, litigations, research, education and training, pests diseases management and nursery production management.

Mission Statement
To provide professional advice to our clients according to best practice in arboriculture, based on knowledge, experience, research and education.
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